Woody D. - San Diego, CA
I got my first tattoo in 1979 in downtown SD. A basic Navy anchor. Later a rose with my wife's name at Avalon in PB, which as Fip's ex Patti put it was guaranteed business for Avalon in the future. When my wife left I went to Fip and had him cover the rose with a Dragon. A few years later a large dragon on the other arm to cover the old Navy ink. Most recently Fip suggested a Samurai mask for the inside of my arm. The most common comment I get for that work is "WOW IS THAT GUY GOOD!" So.....here I sit thinking about the inside of the other arm. Gonna have to take another trip to Fip! Anyone considering ink should go check Fip out. If you do you will see why he has testimonials from around the world. He truly rocks!!

Warren L. - Novato, CA
I ruminated over the design for my first and only tattoo for years as my ideas evolved and I worked my courage up. I knew Ed Hardy in the 70's (without ever getting any work done) and I looked him up in 2007 and he recommended Fip.I finally sent a couple of typewritten pages of my ideas to Fip. He responded with scarcely one sentence in reply. "So you want a jolly roger with some stormy weather, right?" Having never met Fip I immediaty thought to my self that this guy doesn't get it! I had so many ideas woven into my design while still wanting it to be easy to "read"! In a couple of days, Fip sent me his drawing and I didn't change a thing. He had captured everything. I was the one who didn't get it! I enjoyed my hours with Fip and have had years of enjoyment from the tattoo he gave me.

Lexie F. - Encinitas, CA
When my dad passed away in July, I knew I wanted to get a tattoo to commemorate him. He loved his Koi pond and he treated all the koi the same way he treated my siblings and myself when we we're growing up. Koi symbolize everything my dad went through during his illness. It only seemed natural to get a koi on my back. I knew Fip was an amazing artist because he had done all my sister's tattoos and her friends. I had done extensive research on artists and their koi fish designs, but no one really caught my eye until I went to Fip's website. After seeing his work, I knew I had to get it done by him.
After giving him the elements I wanted to incorporate into my tattoo, he came up with a brilliant design. My tattoo is beautiful. He was able to replicate my dad's favorite koi fish along with the flowers and the ancient filipino script. It is so detailed with done with brilliant colors. Now I can always say, my dad's got my back.
Thank you Fip for giving me an opportunity to honor my dad and let everyone know what a fighter he was.

Morgan C. - Kingston TAS
I lost my mom late last year. I decided to get inked a pic of the virgin of guadalupe on my inner left forearm as a tribute to her.
After alot of searching for the right artist I decided that it could only be Fip as his photo realist technique really stood out from the others and no-one else came close to his shading. I have over 24 hours of work so far, and it pays to be choosy when your running out of space!
I was pleasantly surprised to find that Fip not only turned out to be one of the nicest tattooists that I have ever met but one of the chosen few in the industry who have a "gentle" touch combined with genuine compassion for their clients welfare.
Stoked with my tattoo and I cannot recommend Fip and his crew highly enough.

Melissa V. – Goodyear, AZ
Last December I got my first tattoo from Fip. What a great experience! I had looked on-line for artwork. When I saw Fip's work I knew I wanted him as my tattoo artist. I live in AZ so all my ideas were via e-mail, when I arrived in SD he had the tattoo drawn out. I was really impressed with what he had done with my ideas. He was so laid back and easy to talk with. He made my first tattoo easy. I get a lot of compliments on how well done my tattoo is. The tattoo is a "family" crest that's on my upper back. Can't wait until my next tattoo!

Deneen C. – Chula Vista, CA
After the loss of our dog, Donovan, my husband and I decided we wanted to get tattoos to pay tribute to him. Right from the start, I knew that this had to be done by someone special. They would have to be able to capture Donovan's spirit and essence and bring that to life on my body. We did a lot of research and decided on Fip. We had to be on a waiting list for 9 months,but felt that it would be worth the wait. This was also my first tattoo, and I had many questions and concerns about the process and what to expect. From the start, Fip was willing and able to answer all of my questions and calm my doubts and fears. I was very nervous at the start of my tattoo, but within moments, I felt at ease and excited to see the end result. As Donovan's face begin to take shape on my leg, I could not help but to shed a few tears. Fip did indeed capture Donovan's spirit and his wonderful smile. I love my tattoo and am proud to have Donovan with me always! I have gotten so many compliments on my tattoo. People are very impressed with the fine details and beautiful colors. I have had more than one person ask for Fip's phone number, so that they too can get inked by him. I want to thank you Fip, for helping me to pay tribute to my best friend in such an awesome way!!

Jerry C. – Chula Vista, CA
"Our Belgian Malinois dog Donovan passed away last year and my wife and I both knew we wanted to honor him in a big way, he was such a huge part of our family. After doing some research and visiting a couple tattoo shops,someone mentioned Fip and we were hooked. We were looking for someone who not only did great work, but who understood what we wanted and that this wasn't just some tattoo. Wow, Fip went beyond our expectations. He's not only avery talented tattoo artist, but he is a soft spoken person and really seems to care about the process. Fip offered help and ideas for both of us to come up with what my wife and I both agree are incredible pieces of work. My tattoo is on my inner forearm and my wife's is on her ankle area. We have both received huge props on our tattoos and we both couldn't be happier with Fip's work. Thanks Fip, the wait was worth it."

Dave G. – Jacksonville, FL
"Fip does incredible work. I gave him a one page description of what I wanted and left about fifteen bookmarks in one of his pinup books for reference. He gave me one of the most fantastic tattoos I've seen. I get good comments on my tattoo every time people see her. My wife said the only reason she doesn't have a tattoo is because we live in FL and Fip is in CA. Road trip!!"

Mike C. – Freeport, NY
"I recently visited California and got tattooed by Fip,I wanted to get a tattoo while on vacation so I searched the net to find an artist, I decided on Avalon and Fip. I am quite pleased to have meet and got a great tattoo from him.
After being inked by 6 different people I have about 12 hours on work on me.
Fip is not only a great guy to chat with while being worked on but he possess a great feel,he is not heavy handed.my tattoo healed very fast and had very little scabbing. If I had things my way he would be the only guy I would use again.
The shop is clean and every one that works there is super cool....Get tattooed there!!!!!"

Brian O. – San Francisco, CA
“Fip is the best there is! No other way to say it. After losing my only child, I was looking for the right person to do a portrait. I waited for Fip and the wait was well worth it.
Fip makes you feel comfortable from the outset and this was the most relaxed I felt during any of my tattoos. I am just sorry I didn't know about his work prior; but I woke up this morning knowing I had the best portrait I could find.
He talks with you through the whole process and you can't feel anything but trust and know you are in good hands.
FIP--Thank you again, it is something I will treasure for ever!”

Blair C. – San Francisco, CA
“Fip's artistic style, killer personality, and collaborative process have made my recent tattoo with him easily my best tattoo experience ever. He worked on my full sleeve once a month for a year, up here in San Francisco. I had a unique vision, and Fip realized it beyond my expectations. He researched my idea (San Francisco’s Chinatown) for months -- taking pictures, reading books, and submitting designs. He really made me feel like he was as excited about the project as I was. He was great about incorporating all the things that I wanted, talking me away from inappropriate applications for the medium and suggesting things that would really add pop to the piece. He even worked in a cover-up in a manner that flows with natural ease. All in all, I couldn't be happier with the work Fip did on me, and I recommend him all the time to other people who are interested in getting tattooed -- whether it's their first one, or one of a collection.”

Jennifer L. - San Francisco, CA
"Tattoo shops can be a bit intimidating to someone fairly new to tattoos (like myself). I had already had two asian style tattoos done (forming one large piece on my lower back) but had always been with friends when I had gotten them. He totally put me at ease and was able to translate what I wanted into an amazing addition to my tattoo. I constantly get compliments on it and can't wait to get more work done by him. He's worth the wait to get an appointment. I just wish he lived in SF! Thanks Fip!"

Mike M. - Imperial Beach, CA
"Fip is an awesome artist and has done major work on me. He has tattooed the backs of my legs and ass, and has done a full back cover up for me. I am extremely happy with the work he has done for me and I highly recommend him to my friends. I am also a tattooist and shop owner here in San Diego."

Brad B. - St. Paul, MN
"Fip was great. I had two cover ups done, one you can't even tell, unless I point it out, even then it is blended so well that it doesn't detract from the beauty. The second covered a lot of real estate, but turned out so the covered tat looked like a piece of the scenery, and doesn't look out of place. This was in 1985-86, and they are still really crisp and clear. Both are black and white, and were drawn on, not stenciled, based on some ideas I shared with Fip."

Jamie R. - San Diego, CA
"I have to say that I am completely overwhelmed with my new tattoo. I wanted a tattoo that would capture the spirit of a very close friend's life. When I found Fip's work on the internet I knew that he needed to create a butterfly for me with sunflowers in the wings. Wanting no other distractions from the butterfly, I asked Fip to make this a cover up tattoo. Leaving the design and the colors up to Fip was the best decision I made as I could not have dreamed up a more angelic butterfly. I knew that this would be an emotional experience for me but I never guessed how much others would be drawn to my tattoo. I am amazed at how many people have approached me and asked to see the entire piece and then told me that they are also overwhelmed with how amazing the butterfly is. Thank you Fip..."

Melanie A. – Boise, ID
“I've had Fip do 3 Tattoos on me. (at Avalon in P.B.) All done in the 1990's, and I absolutely LOVE them all. They range from a butterfly fairy that he helped me design, a thorn and flower anklet, and a beautiful Fairy he seemed to pull out of the pages of a story book. I brought in pictures, and we worked together to come up with original pieces.He is AMAZING!! From the design process, to shading, to his color choices..... He is an incredible artist. Thank you Fip.”

Kimberly M. - Adrian, MI
“He is a wonderful artist! I have 7 tattoos all done at Avalon and I would never go anyplace else. 15 years after my first tattoo I still have wonderful color and get compliments on my ankle all the time. My first tattoo was a rose with someone's name. Fip told me "NO NAMES" but I wanted it so he did it. Then he free handed the cover
up when we broke up a month later. Then I got my ankle done and changed it after I became a mom. I have a black rose on my other shoulder in memory of my son and when I get to San Diego again I would love to have Fip do my son's portrait. It would be an honor! Go to Avalon, it's worth the trip! Thank you for my art! You are great!”

Bo F. - Sweden
“I got my tattoo made in 1993, when i was staying in San Diego. I was staying with a friend down in the pacific beach area, when i stumbled upon avalon tattoo studio. I went home and decided to do a viking symbol on my upper left arm so i grabbed a book on ancient viking items and myths and went down there. There i met with Fip and discussed how i wanted my tattoo, and from then on it was a walk in the park. Fip made a great tattoo, and now 12 years later I'm still pleased with Fip’s artwork. Thanks Fip!! If i visit San Diego again i sure will do another tattoo!!”

Jacob R. - Escondido, CA
“My Wife and I have both had Tattoos done by Fip, her first and my second and third. His attention to detail and personal comfort is professional beyond belief. He has done such beautiful work that neither of us will go to anyone else to have further work done. I refer anyone I talk to about tattoos to this master of the art.”

Kenny L. - San Jose, CA
"My tattoo journey with Fip began nearly five years ago with twin dragons on my fore arms. That eventually blossomed into a full sleeve and the beginning of a full leg piece (that I hope to finish soon). I am very picky about my art and have searched high and low for someone to create what I envision. Fip is a master of his craft and one of maybe three people in the world that I believe can make my vision of body art a reality for me!"

Sarah T. - San Diego, CA
"Fip recently gave me my first tattoo and I couldn't be more thrilled. Not only was I extremely impressed with Fip's portfolio and experience but I was put totally at ease by his pleasant and gentle, reassuring demeanor. Fip made me feel completely comfortable during the tattoo process and the end result was more amazing than I could have ever imagined. I am constantly receiving compliments on his work and am looking forward to many more tattoos with Fip."

Robert B. - San Diego, CA
" I have had to start carrying a pocket full of Fip's business cards since he finished my sleeve. I never imagined I'd have such positive responses from the general public. I guess people are used to seeing their grandpa's tired old sailor ink and not the beautiful art that Fip applies to your body. Fip is incredibly talented, professional, and an all around great guy. "

Joe A. - San Diego, CA
"I came to San Diego in 1996 with two minor tattoo's. I joined a band soon after coming into town, the guitar player was Fip. It's now 2003 and I have two complete sleeves more beautiful than I could have imagined.

My tattoo experience with Fip has been better than I could have wished for. Fip had the ability to take my tattoo ideas and turn them into a reality better than I ever envisioned. He was open to my ideas, but moreover, I allowed him to be the incredible artist that he is, and as a result, my tattoos have turned out unbelievable. There isn't a day that goes by that someone doesn't tell me that they are the finest pieces they've ever seen.

Fip recently gave my girlfriend her first tattoo. Her experience was the same. A soft hand, a kind heart, and an artistic interpretation more expressive than she ever thought possible. Fip is the man. I am thankful for his friendship, and thankful he is the one who scarred us for life! Love You man!"

Robin T. - San Diego, CA
"How I felt with Fip was the ability to completely let go and trust his work. His technique as well as artistic judgment is extraordinary. Fip was very patient with me. Although I love tattoos, I struggle with the process. His relaxed, easy-going style, rich with witty repartee made my experience sweetly anticipated.

People consistently respond to my work favorably, both people who have tattoos and people new to the art form. The colors, the technique, and the subject matter, are always the objects of comment. "